About Us

Welcome to your official premier source for protective body armor and accessories. Veteran owned and operated. Established and locally sourced in state 48, Arizona. Order online or subscribe to our newsletter to know if we are on the road!

After spending nearly a year deployed in the Middle East (2009-2010) as a metallurgist, Eddie Prest realized the shortcomings of ceramic body armor. 10 years later he created State 48 Plates in order to deliver high-quality plate steel armor at an affordable price. 

“I genuinely care about this country and want to provide a sense of security to people who can’t afford to spend over a thousand dollars on body armor.” – Eddie Prest

Keeping costs low without sacrificing quality or service has been the mission for State 48 Plates since its inception. Employees are trained to know that satisfied customers are the way and reason we are able to keep the lights on. 

A Combat Veteran owned and operated company, that provides high-quality products at low price with great customer satisfaction seem too good to be true? Try us out, we won’t let you down.

We Look Forward To Serving You!